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Intensive Programs

I have found that people are able to make huge changes quickly when they work intensively. As a result, I have created Personal Breakthrough Intensive Sessions to allow people to make the changes necessary to actually transform some area of their lives over a relatively short period of time. These sessions typically range from a half day to 10 days. A lot can be accomplished when you work for several hours with the right tools. These sessions are perfect for letting go of limiting beliefs and negative emotions from the past that have interfered with your moving forward. Rather than start and stop by meeting for an hour or so at a time, these sessions are extended to make sure we work through issues until they are resolved. Then, you are able to make decisions about your next step and can begin to plan for your move forward.

For information regarding my Personal Breakthrough Intensive Sessions, please click on the links listed below:
These intensive sessions are also very useful for people starting a business or facing some career challenge. In the intensive session, we are able to cover both personal and professional issues that may be blocking your success.

To find out if Intensive Sessions would be helpful for you, please contact Dr. Linda Pucci at (865) 983-7544 or toll free at (866) 665-6103. You are also welcome to email to set up a time to discuss your specific situation.

This approach tends to work well when:
  • You are impatient and ready to make a change.
  • You like the idea of a “makeover” and want BIG changes.
  • You want rapid results.
  • You live outside of East Tennessee.
  • You are willing to invest in yourself to get the results you want.
Why are these sessions so productive? I have created a special new approach–The Life Moments Makeover System™ to assist you in letting go of your mental clutter (usually composed of negative emotions, limiting beliefs and old, no-longer-useful messages gained from past experiences) quickly and easily. For more information about that approach, click here.