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My Mission

My life mission is to live in a way that promotes growth in myself and others. My intention is to live my life with integrity, consistent with my values. I want to use my skills and talents to help others move quickly beyond any obstacles toward being the best human being they can be, just as I work to become the best human being I can be. I’m committed to personal change–it’s one of my core values. As a result, I encourage others to share my enthusiasm for growth and change. I believe that you can accomplish anything with the right “tools.” Helping others develop their internal and external resources and reach higher than they had dreamed possible is the most fulfilling career I can imagine!

My Guiding Principles

1.  Everyone is responsible for their own outcome.
2.  Everyone has within them the resources necessary to meet their life's challenges; they only need to access them.
3.  I am the "tour guide" that helps them figure out where they want to go and how to get there.
4.  All change is possible, including huge transformation.
5.  Change doesn't have to be difficult. It can be rapid and easy, like magic.
6.  Growth is a natural and desired process which allows you to move to your highest potential.
7.  You need to start by knowing your desired outcome. It is important to have a direction. Your direction will determine the journey.
8.  Your outcome and goals have to be compelling enough for you to be inspired to achieve them.
9.  Anything is possible.
10. You can transcend the things that have happened in the past, even if they were highly traumatic.
11. It is important to retain my curiosity. That allows me to understand how people do what they do; to understand their model of the world. That understanding of their model of the world allows me to better communicate with them and to figure out how to facilitate desired change.
12. Everyone has baggage that gets in the way, keeps them stuck, or reduces their effectiveness.
13. When you get rid of your unconscious emotional clutter (limiting beliefs & negative emotions) you get unstuck and can move forward with ease.
14. How we think about and understand our world helps determine the quality of the life we create.
15. A change in perspective allows change in perception and emotion, allowing people to get unstuck.
16. Identifying your calling or purpose in life makes your life more meaningful and allows you to live with greater clarity and ease.
17. All people have a larger message to share with the world.
18. Congruence is key. What you do and how you live needs to be congruent with who you are. When you live congruently, it is as if you are in synch with the plumb line of your life and calling.
19. There must be balance, and balance is a fluid process. Self care is the key to balance.